Did you know that Google’s first-page ranking depends on many factors?

It needs years of experience and close monitoring of search engine algorithm updates to increase the website’s organic traffic and conversions.

Here we are sharing an SEO case study of our secrets to massively increase the conversion rate of Senwall Singapore in a few months.

Google Analytics Conversions Screenshot
Google Analytics Conversions Screenshot

A little background of the project

The website offers Home & Office Wallpaper, Flooring, Blinds and Curtain products in Singapore. They have more than 10,000 products range and serving for the last 20 years in Singapore.

The website and domain were totally new. The objective of the SEO was to increase new sales & conversions and rank higher with Wallpaper keywords in Singapore.

Initial challenges on the website

The website was built on the ASP.NET platform, and the current CMS does not allow the same URLs for desktop and mobile. Due to that website has to be optimised separately for both devices. 

Google has different parameters to rank any mobile site. Not only this but due to the custom development and restrictions on the server level website had no Blog, which was the biggest concern. In SEO, it is vital to publish content regularly on the website. With the fixed product/service website, Blog is the only solution to meet this objective for better SEO performance.

Furthermore, the website was new, with zero backlinks profile and the target keywords had good competition and difficulty scores (difficulty level of the keywords to rank on SERP). The more the keyword’s difficulty is, the more effort is needed to rank the website on SERP.

Keywords Difficulty Level Screenshot.
Keywords Difficulty Level Screenshot.

In addition, due to the customised coding of the website, many Core Web Vital errors were unable to fix.

SEO audit and competitor’s analysis

It was a big challenge to rank the website on top results. SEO revolves around three main factors: On-page, Technical and Off-page. We had fixed the On-page SEO issues, but as mentioned above, the ASP.NET platform and customised development website had many Technical SEO errors and challenges.

Despite having many issues on the website, we ran an in-depth audit of the website. The top 3 competitor’s content styles, On-page SEO and backlink profiles were audited and analysed deeply.

The website’s content optimisation was done according to the targeted keywords and word count parameters to ensure the website’s first-page ranking in Singapore.

The final result: These are the strategies we deployed to increase conversions

First, SEO does not guarantee top ranking on SERP or high conversions. But, years of experience in SEO Singapore and knowing the best practices according to Google algorithms are often absolute bollocks.

You can see below screenshot how we increased the organic traffic of the website with our proven SEO strategies:

Google Search Console Organic Growth of the Website.
Google Search Console Organic Growth of the Website.

As we mentioned, our initial challenges were from a Technical SEO point of view. Due to the website structure and codes, we could not fix the issues, so we conducted some experiments with our backlinks strategy and On-page SEO content.

All our experiments and optimisation on the website were to bring the customers to the company via WhatsApp or direct phone calls. Conversion & Event tracking set up on both.

Let’s sum it up here!

Strategy 1: Increased the word count, optimised the headings and content of the website and proper keyword density on the targeted web pages with a 1-2% ratio.

Strategy 2: Prepared the list of websites where the top 3 competitors acquired the backlinks. With the new backlinks, we ensured our customer website has the backlinks on those sites used by the competitors.

Strategy 3: We optimised the GMB profile and planned to bring organic traffic and new customers from map listing results, and it worked and increased the store visit and website visits. Regular posts were intended to target the wallpaper content and keywords.

Google My Business (GMB) Improved Performance.
Google My Business (GMB) Improved Performance.
Google My Business (GMB) Website Clicks.
Google My Business (GMB) Website Clicks.

Strategy 4: Weekly guest posts content writing with up to 1000 words and submission to high authority sites to acquire legit backlinks.

Final Words

All the customers are not tech & SEO savvy and are unsure about the website development platform selection. Hiring an SEO agency before website development helps to avoid website growth hurdles. At our SEO company in Singapore, we listen to our customer’s requirements and objectives and plan a bulletproof strategy. Including the website development platform, sections of the website and SEO-friendly structure and content. As a result, customers can expect better results in 3-6 months. Contact us for a free SEO consultation today if you are planning a new website or already have one and want to increase the website traffic and ranking on search engines.