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Grow your business with Facebook Advertising. Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in Singapore. Contact us for a free consultation on how to reach your target demographic and boost audience engagement.

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Are You One of Them?

Facebook marketing is all about consistency, quality, and reputation. We believe in professional commitment to our client’s needs. We provide a Facebook sales funnel and cross-device marketing and advertising that lead to the completion of call-to-action tasks for great numbers in sales, whether they are into B2B or B2C. As we emphasise a cross-device marketing strategy, we keep the mobile-first policy in focus as mobile users are increasing rapidly.

Facebook Advertising can be a boon to new business. Let us help you start Facebook advertising, how much to invest in it, tips and tricks, advertisement placements and formats, and most importantly, the target audience.

Our experts are the answer to your search, and we are just a call/message away from you. We will resolve all your requirements and issues regarding Facebook Advertising and Marketing, so don’t forget to contact us.

Effective optimisation of campaigns or ads with high performance and desired ROI is only attainable if an expert or specialist handles the account for an expansion with the platform’s help. We create the perfect mix of marketing objectives, goals and budget-friendly campaigns to expand wisely within the requirements shared by clients’.

Grow Your Audience & Engagement

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Brand Awareness & Engagement

Suppose brand awareness and engagement are the goals of your business. We make the best out of this objective with our experience and knowledge of gaining awareness and engagement at an exponentially higher rate. Facebook is a gold mine for you as it is a platform which gives you an objective option to select it directly and then further divide this objective into the desired target audience for increasing engagement with the help of different formats of ads.

Be a Credible Company

Facebook brings exponential traffic to a website. This platform will show you promising growth, whether targeted traffic, number of visits, lead generation/conversion, smooth customer support, budget-friendly advertising & marketing, easy promotion & consistent Branding and effortless community management. This can make any company credible through several strategic planning, such as low spending and intelligent investing.

Advertise Among the Desired & Targeted Audience

Facebook facilitates us with a wide selection of audiences based on their interest and demographics. We equip our clients with the most saturated form of an audience to do hyper-targeted and specific advertising to achieve the best results.

A High Volume of Traffic and User Usage Every Day

Users consume many data on Facebook, which shows the platform's vast user activities daily. This analysis says that the massive user activity and engagement rate can generate colossal traffic to the website daily. Due to the higher data consumption, we also work on the platform for better conversions through Facebook ads.

Facebook & Instagram Advertisement in Singapore - Boost Audience Engagement and Business Revenue

Reach your desired interest group and demographic audience with Facebook Ads Manager and grow your business like a pro with us.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Easy to Reach Target Audience

The Facebook goal is not specific as other platforms. It is mainly utilised for entertainment and leisure purposes, which means that this platform has the broadest range of audiences to choose from. And our specialists know it all and can give their best experience-based knowledge experience for your campaigns very quickly.

Remarketing & Lookalike Audience

Facebook's Remarketing and Lookalike audience feature is one of those formats that let you feel that this is what I wanted before moving ahead with my advertising plan. Remarketing and Lookalike audience advertising on Facebook can increase the chances of targeting those who visited your website but never took action.

Advance Audience Targeting

With a customer base above two billion still, Facebook is that social media platform which holds traffic engagement more than any other platform. Some people utilise this for advanced audience targeting with the help of Facebook advertising options which gives so many options to select the audience for a particular ad. Our experts select the audience which matters the most and apply the advanced audience targeting by choosing the audience from the broad audience selection option. Custom Audience, Saved audience, Lookalike audience, and we break it down further for advanced targeting per the business need.

Billions of Users

When we research and survey the number of daily active users, we get a fair idea of the audience count. This gives us an analytics report on when, where and on which device we need to put up an ad that can reflect the numbers we have thought of. Our experience speaks to when we achieve the results per the business needs, and we utilise it perfectly as billions of users are there on Facebook, which means billions of opportunities.

Without Landing Page Lead Generation

Facebook allow running marketing campaigns without the landing page. It has an option of Lead Generation marketing objective. We create the lead form for our customers and run the marketing. Our Facebook marketing experts in Singapore will plan and deploy everything for your business. Let us know your target audience and marketing goals, and sit back relaxed.

Top Social Networking Platform

Facebook is the top social networking platform which has the potential to grab an audience base that can give you the desired ROI. People love to engage on this platform. Our expert team takes this very positively. We can provide you with your perfect Facebook ads just because of the huge audience base and interest of the audience on the platform.

Promote Own Users Data

Do you have a database of past and current users and want to reach them on Facebook? Our Facebook marketing agency experts can create campaigns to get them effectively. Our team do it efficiently for you by performing several tasks like re-marketing and re-targeting the audience via different methods, which are less time-consuming and more straightforward to implement.

Instagram Ads Management

Each aspect of Instagram has made it popular among the audience, and the numbers speak it very clearly. Managing Instagram ads is as easy as maintaining a Facebook ads account through ads manager. But, expertise is required for best management as we deliver revenue on investment and convert Instagram ad spending into a profitable business. Our experts manage the Instagram ads account by implementing the best creative ideas that promise the best engagement with ads and the attached call-to-action button. We take care of audience demographics like their interest, age, likes or dislikes, and locations; accordingly, we choose the Instagram ad formats to deliver the best outcomes.

Different Marketing Objectives

Facebook gives a wide range of objectives before moving ahead with the ad. Its copy on Facebook as an explicit objective makes a smooth way towards the promising Facebook ads. These are the available marketing objectives on Facebook: Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Engagement, Video Views, Lead Generation, Messages, Conversions, Catalog Sales & store visits.

Low Ad Cost and Higher Conversions

While creating a Facebook marketing campaign, you can adjust the ad cost per your organisation's or individual's assigned budget. The price is lesser when we compare it with other platform costs. So, with our specialised techniques, grab the best out of Facebook advertisements without any second thought.

Slideshow, Carousel, Video, Single Banner Ads

Facebook has various advertising options. We help and guide our clients to choose from the slideshow, carousel, Video, and single banner ads which fit best with the brand story and objective of the campaign. In contrast, slideshow ads are utilised for an audience network to whom you want to show quality slides with the best mix of creativity, content, and effects. Carousel ads are for those who want to give a brief of their product or services engagingly. Video ads and Lead generation ads are the most engaging ad formats, which lead to the completion of a call to action more quickly.

Measure Campaign Success

Every single step of your campaign can be measured on Facebook as on Facebook. Every detail is considered necessary, from ad placements to the target audience. While the campaign is live, you can edit the campaign as per the effectiveness of the ad this. Split Testing is the best source for knowing what is working.

Hire the right Facebook Marketing Agency and Succeed

Why Us For Facebook Advertising?

Our years of experience in Facebook Marketing help us deliver the promised results to our customers in Singapore.


What do We do for Your Company as a Facebook Ad Agency in Singapore?

As we know, numbers speak, and insights give an understanding and conclusion on Facebook’s marketing outcome. Many start-ups and medium-scale industries have experienced a growth graph in business whenever they have tested Facebook marketing and advertising for their brand.

Our motto is to prioritise those strategies that lead to exponential growth for small and medium businesses. We maintain Branding and credibility for big & trusted brands among the audiences. Facebook’s reach and engagement with its users make it our first choice for product- and service-based businesses.

We set up the Facebook Tracking codes/Facebook pixel on customers’ sites to understand audience behaviour on their ads and website. With the help of research data, we set up the Facebook advertising campaign for higher engagements and conversions.

Competitors Analysis is the most crucial factor in Facebook advertising. It gives insights into their weekly posts and the audience engagement level on their Facebook page. We guide our clients with strategic recommendations to boost their Facebook advertising and provide implementation and placement suggestions for the best outcome.

A Facebook ad is a perfect combination of Content and media creation ideas. We give equal weight to quality content and effective media creation techniques. Let’s connect to make a potentially fresh and thorough content and media creation strategy.

Facebook Analytics is a gold mine of data on a Facebook page. We make the most out of it by giving our customers a brief on how to grab the best. We also provide a detailed daily/weekly/monthly report per the business requirement or client demand.

A Facebook Business page and accounts are the digital presence and a reputation mirror of an organisation/entrepreneur. We believe in maintaining the Facebook page and accounts at the same pace as it shows an organisation’s dedication to its social community and reputation.

The number of likes, followers, and reviews on Facebook makes the first impression of your organisation. It is a social media gateway for new visitors to your organisation to know it better.

We are experts in online advertising. Our team is ready to help you get a competitive advantage by creating video adverts to increase your brand’s presence.

Answers To YourFacebook Advertising Services Queries & Doubts.

Facebook Advertising FAQs

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is not only a platform for friends to connect. It is a platform for businesses to reach their target audience and grow their business. Facebook advertising is a part of online marketing and used for audience engagement, lead generation and sales. Precise Facebook marketing by an agency in Singapore is the key to success on this social media platform.

How Effective Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is a leading social media platform and is considered one of the top marketing platforms for small to big businesses. In 2022, 9.3% of Facebook's audience were women between the ages of 18 and 24 years, while male users between the ages of 25 and 34 constituted the most significant demographic group on the social media platform (source: So, if you are planning to target that audience, age group is the wise decision to advertise on Facebook.

Why Facebook for Social Media Advertising?

As per Socialpiolot, more than 160 million businesses use Facebook to interact with their customers. 93% of all social media marketers use Facebook Ads. The average organic reach for a Facebook post is 6.4% of the page's total likes. These figures are enough to consider Facebook advertising to reach a specific and targeted audience and boost sales.

Is Facebook Advertising Better Than LinkedIn and Google?

Facebook still has a vast audience base and various advertising options, giving us a high percentage of engagement and conversions. There is no doubt that Facebook is the leading social media platform with Instagram, and businesses are investing in Facebook marketing.

What Budget Should I Invest in Facebook Advertising?

There is no minimum and maximum when it comes to marketing. If the objective is to generate leads and conversion, small to medium businesses spend $3K to $5K monthly. If you are a new company, you can start with $2K monthly and increase gradually as per the revenue and ROI.

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Get a higher return on investment with our experts Facebook advertisement skills & knowledge. We specialise in Leads & Conversion campaigns.

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