Local SEO

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization is the practice where the business’s online presence will be optimized to reach and convert the local audience. It means that if someone is looking for the products or services in that specific location, the result will appear prominently in the search results where the audience can be converted. Local SEO includes various techniques. This includes optimizing the website, creating and managing the business online, listing the business, and soliciting customer reviews.

Why is Local SEO important?

What is your answer to the question, “Is local SEO important?” Yes, it is essential because it is an effective way to market your company online when you want to reach your local audience, your customers. When people want to find a business near them, Google will direct them to you because of the local SEO technique you follow—not convinced? Here are some statistics for you to check out!

  • 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours. 28% of these results also tend to purchase the product or take up the service.
  • 30% of all the searches it processes are related to the location.
  • 61% of the audience says that they are searching locally every day.
  • 86% of the audience rely on Google Maps to find the products or services they seek.  
  • Throughout the world, 74% of in-store shoppers first visit the search engine and look for (closest store near me), (location), (in-store near them), and several other hyperlocal information.
  • 83% of the searchers use Google search to learn more about the business before purchasing. 55% use Google Maps, 44% use Apple Maps, 39% get into Yahoo, and 31% choose Bing.

Benefits of Local SEO

Better Online Visibility

Several activities associated with local SEO optimize local SEO ranking and improve overall visibility. For instance, citation building is the staple activity for SEO. This includes mentioning the company name, physical address, and contact number in various directories, social media profiles, and online review platforms. When doing the same in different places, the business can be visible to people searching from different locations.

Enhance In-Store Foot Traffic

Getting good local visibility can bring more foot traffic to the physical location. For businesses that have special equipment, are designed in an innovative space, or require people to have the best experience in person, local SEO can help boost the number of people visiting physically, creating a buzz.

Calls and Visits from Map Users

A well-optimized Google Business Profile can lead to enhanced visibility on Google Maps, which in turn leads to more calls and physical visits. Google Maps is specifically designed to help users plan their journeys and access businesses according to their comfort. Further, Google Maps is populated using information that Google gleans from the Google Profile. So, Google Business Profile optimization will aid in map visibility, leading to increased calls and physical visits.

Improved Trust Levels

It is no secret that reviews are the cornerstone of local SEO success and a key local search ranking factor for any business. Getting more reviews is always a part of a reputation management strategy. Reviews are also another essential ingredient for building consumers’ trust. As per the research, customers read reviews before deciding on a purchase and feel that online reviews are as trustworthy as physical recommendations. Good visibility, positive reviews, and top ratings together serve as the magic formula for the local pack’s prominence and higher customer trust.

Better Sales

Consumers use online reviews to help them decide when choosing a local business. According to research, 1 out of 8 people go online to gather information about the local store more than once a week. When a company can present an authentic recommendation, it becomes a powerful benefit to boost sales.

A Competitive Business

One of the crucial reasons for developing and refining the local SEO strategy is benchmarking competitors and identifying why the business is the best and stands out from competitors. Finding opportunities to improve puts the company in a much more competitive landscape. For instance, reviewing the reviews could tell the areas customers will appreciate about the company. When you go through the same from other businesses, you can find the places that must be improved.

Improved Conversion Rates

When looking for the benefits of local SEO, it is easy to focus attention on what is happening on Google and other platforms, but on the other hand, it also helps improve the website’s structure and performance. Optimizing the website for local Search Engine Optimization with factors like locally focused optimization, reviewing landing page text, and working on page loading speed, etc., can help with better conversion rate optimization or CRO. Thus, these will help in conversions where you can find an increase in contact form submission, an increased number of phone calls, email subscriptions, or sales based on the business.

Establishing a Position Through Leadership

Good content marketing and link-building are necessary to establish prominence and relevance. These two are considered the pillars of the local SEO rankings. The same activities help cultivate a reputation and become an expert in the field. Local content marketing should naturally involve talking about the local areas. This will help grow your position as an expert voice. It will also bring the target audience closer to the business, building more robust links, brand loyalty, and enhanced engagement.

Start Harnessing SEO

Thus, you might have a better understanding of local SEO and how it will help the business grow. Are you now ready to enjoy the benefits of the local SEO? We are here to handle your local SEO. Visit us at SEOCOMPAMY.ME to discuss further and take up the best digital marketing practice.

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