School SEO Case Study: Page #1 Ranking in 3 Months

Kolej MDIS Malaysia SEO Case Study

Are you in charge of your school’s growth and marketing? If yes, you are on the right page.

Imagine you have an excellent website for your school and worked tirelessly to prepare the content and deploy various marketing campaigns but are not happy with the outcome.

The problem is not that your target audience is not visiting your website. The decisive reason is that your school’s website needs to rank higher on Google.

Your prospective students and parents must know your school and its facilities. Your website must be on the top of Google results. Here is why you need SEO for your school.

In this case study, we will explain how we planned and helped the Kolej MDIS Malaysia website’s SEO and top ranking on Google.

How It Started - School Website's SEO

The MDIS Malaysia website was ranked with its branded keywords only. The website has no ranking with its money keywords. The website has no visibility on the SERPs, including the local map listing, which resulted in poor enrolments because the prospective students and parents cannot find their Schools on Google when they search for private schools, private diplomas, diploma in mass communication, diploma in tourism management and many other vital keywords that have high search volume.

In fact, the website had no traffic and non-brand keywords ranking. In addition, the website needed to be optimised for faster loading, which resulted in the website’s poor performance on the search engines.

The school’s primary target audience was the local students nearby their campus in Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. But, due to weak SEO and website performance, the website needs more visibility and traffic on Google Maps. To get local enrolments, it is necessary to rank higher on Google Maps. Google Maps’ higher rankings give better conversion when the target audience is the local customers.

Determining all these factors, we started auditing their website, competitors and content style and structure of the website.




After the pandemic education industry became one of the tops that had challenges running schools as everything came to online learning. After returning to normal, all the education providers understood the power of online marketing and started investing in it to increase the enrolment numbers for their schools. SEO is the top choice of schools for acquiring quality leads and conversions.

The school market was always competitive, and some old local schools have maintained their ranking for many years due to their non-stop SEO efforts.

It is a must to have Google-friendly content, headings and keyword density if the objective is to rank the school website locally. At the same time, the website has no technical SEO-related glitches, as Google algorithms are strict and do not rank the website if the website lacks these parameters.

Therefore, our SEO team at in Singapore knew we needed to do an in-depth SEO audit and fix all the issues to bring the website to Google page #1.

Planning & Solution


First, we did the keyword research and prepared the group of keywords for individual pages and programmes to ensure we targeted all the possible keywords to rank those pages. Which helps the website ranking with many keywords on

While doing the keyword research, we targeted the programme-specific and the generic ones so that the audience looking for generic keywords like “private diploma”, “part-time diploma”, etc. can find MDIS Malaysia on top of SERP.

Search engines such as Google algorithms revolve around three key factors: On-page, Off-page and Technical, and it is vital to ensure all are planned and executed precisely. 

To ensure the targeted keywords ranking, we first picked the On-page and Technical SEO areas in which we optimised all the targeted web pages content and headings to meet Google’s best practices and, at the same time, did the in-depth technical audit and started fixing the SEO issues gradually.

While doing our On-page SEO audit, we created new pages to target fruitful keywords. We prepared the content requirements for MDIS Malaysia, which helped the website better perform on search engines with more keywords.

After we fixed On-page and crucial Technical SEO issues, we jumped to quality link building and started acquiring the contextual backlinks.


Results & Performance

We started seeing significant results from day 1; we lived the new & optimised content that we planned and did the indexing. Our relevant and quality backlinks supported the drastic outcome of Google page #1 ranking and organic traffic increase.

In just a few months of SEO, we saw 6 keywords in the TOP 3 position of Google Malaysia, 27 keywords on TOP 10 and 40 keywords on TOP 20. These keywords include programme-specific and generic keywords both. More keywords to acquire page #1 ranking as we continue the SEO.

Kolej MDIS Malaysia Keywords SEMrush Ranking commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – Google Malaysia Top Ranking

Kolej MDIS Malaysia SEMrush Organic Traffic Performance commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – Organic Traffic and Keywords Increase & Growth commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – Google Analytics Goals and Conversation Performance commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – Google Analytics Goals and Conversion Performance


Backlinks are essential to any domain’s success on search engines. We planned a bulletproof strategy to ensure the desired results for MDIS Malaysia. We increased the backlinks count from 1.4k to 4.7k and counting. Acquiring relevant and timely backlinks is a must, and our team at strictly maintains it.


Kolej MDIS Malaysia Backlinks Count on SEMrush commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – Backlinks Increase

In addition to it…!

We optimised the Google My Business (GMB) profile to improve the local map ranking and traffic to the campus directly. 

Kolej MDIS Malaysia GMB Business Interaction Statistics commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – GMB Business Interaction Increase by 123%

Kolej MDIS Malaysia GMB Location Direction Statistics commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – GMB Campus Location Direction Increased by 2065 commenced the SEO in Nov 2022 – GMB Phone Calls Increased by 95%



There is a reason why marketers put more budget for SEO. Because organic traffic and higher ranking on SERP (search engines results page) brings higher conversions than any paid marketing. The top reason for SEO for a school website is to rank with primary and many secondary keywords. In contrast, paid marketing platforms such as Google search keywords ads have restrictions on the keywords selection and run according to the daily budget. Contact us to get a FREE SEO audit for your school website today and take the first step to success and increase enrollments.

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