EQ World - SEO Case Study

EQ World Singapore

EQ World Singapore - SEO Case Study

EQ World provides Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training & coaching. They aim to accelerate optimistic change – in the business, government, and education sectors. Their consultants support the Asian region, including AMEX, HSBC, SIA, Shell, Hewlett Packard and many leading companies.

Project Requirements

Be visible and rank higher on Google when prospects search for their courses. In addition, to rank on page #1 with the specific keywords. Here are some:

– enneagram certification Singapore
– emotional intelligence certification
– emotional intelligence certification course
– emotional intelligence certification online
– emotional intelligence certification training
– emotional intelligence coaching certification
– emotional intelligence practitioner certification
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– eq certification
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– online enneagram certification
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The website was developed on WordPress and hosted on shared web hosting. There were a lot of duplicate titles and content, which was affecting and cannibalising the website’s ranking on Google. Proper keyword density, word count, and content were missing in bringing the website to page #1 with the targeted keywords.

Our Solution and Results

The first step was shifting the website to WordPress hosting and a Singapore data centre server, as the SEO target location is Singapore. After moving the website successfully, we installed and implemented the website loading enhancement plugin. At the same time fixed all the on-page SEO, Technical SEO issues and optimised the targeted web pages to rank higher on SERP. It took us three months to bring the website to the first page of Google with the primary keywords.

Results Delivered in Less Than 4 Months

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