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We analyse and prepare tailored mobile app marketing services using proven ASO (app store optimisation) techniques.

Mobile App Marketing - Let Us Assist You in Grow Your Mobile App

As a skilled app marketing agency in Singapore, we help promote your iOS and Android apps with well-planned marketing methods to make your app visible and attractive and increase downloads and revenue.

Mobile devices are the king of engagement compared to all the other devices you browse on the internet. Give your audience the industry’s best content to engage on the device to grow your business’s high growth with the skyrocketing mobile app marketing and advertising in Singapore techniques.

We Benefit Businesses Through Our Mobile App Advertising Strategies

Branding & Awareness

Branding and awareness make the audience understand the product or service. To make people aware of the brand name and spread the brand's voice, we use several techniques for better results through branding and awareness campaigns for a mobile app. We work on the target user, graphical designs, UI/UX and the content & the overall app is resolving the issue of the user or not. Our strategies make your mobile app stand out in the app store of Google and iPhone.


Our strategist works to ease the Search for target users. We apply a persuasive and irresistible mobile application marketing technique, which gives excellent results in audience awareness and trust towards the brand with the desired discoverability of the mobile application on the internet.

App Installs & Conversions

We can increase the app installs by performing A/B testing correctly to show the install ads. We strategise the plans to increase direct installs. We work on great creative designs and copy for the app installs to boost the app installs and conversion rates via different ad formats. We also create the advance targeting only to attract the relevant audience as those interested can convert.

Specific Audience Reach

Before launching the app's install campaign, we do in-depth research and plan the right target audience. Our well-planned campaign setup helps better conversions and cost-per-installation of the mobile app. The factors we emphasise are insights on age, interest, region to which they belong, the device they use, country, international or domestic or both and many others.

Leads Acquisition

Marketing and advertising do not end at lead generation and sales. We generate exponential growth on the sales and lead front, leading to higher ROI. Our experts know the potential of mobile advertising and marketing by how much time the audience spends on mobile. We perform thorough research on competitors' marketing tactics that give us the knowledge to go the extra mile for our clients.

Boost ROI

Our direction of work concentrates on the process of gaining ROI by achieving realistic and profitable goals. We also work on the app's features, which show the app's USP that remove the audience's pain points by giving them what they want from the app. Our team also create a quiz to increase the interaction level with the customers and a new audience. Being in the news or being available for your customer is very helpful for your customers these days.

Mobile App Marketing & Advertising

After the mobile app is developed and live for users to download and use, it is vital to do its marketing and promote among the target audience. Mobile app marketing revolves around prelaunch marketing, well-planned demographics & interest audience, user engagement and acquisition ads to get more app downloads.

Mobile advertising and marketing is the future of digital marketing, and this trend remains in the marketing and advertising world for small-screen devices. This will not stop here, as artificial intelligence will wear this shoe of mobile marketing to give transparency and secure, hyper-targeted audience reach. Our services at leave our clients with desired results concerning technology-driven marketing and advertising techniques that attract them to choose us again and again for consistent and best outcomes.

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App Store Presence Analysis

App Store Optimization is the key to the success of your app. Organic Search, or browsing on the app store, can give you the desired visibility of your app. So, we emphasise App store Optimisation as we know that it can help in organic app installs just by a simple search.

We analyse the app's presence on the app store by having an in-depth check on keywords and headlines. In addition, we check positive and negative reviews given by customers and the number of downloads to date. This ensures that the app is not cracked or hung when a visitor converts or clicks for the app and enters it. Responsive app design and the app's rank on the app store we also analyse it as it is an essential factor to check for.

Strategic Content Creation

For strategic content creation, our team concentrate on a pre-defined set of tasks we fulfil before publishing it. We work tactfully on KPIs and ROIs, quality and fresh content. We maintain customer and business relationships for long and good business terms, identify and research the best social media platform, and create the content and format accordingly.

We prepare a content marketing calendar, for which we regularly do many strategic and division meetings. As we know, the video gets the highest engagement rate, so we prepare the introductory video. We also work on the present status of the content so that we can know where the app stands and where we need to take it concerning the mission and target of the client's business.

Mobile App Download Increase

Mobile app download can be increased by optimising it through ASO, via a landing page, and by targeting different devices of the same person.

We measure it through cross-device conversions obtained by Google signals. We also look out for micro-influencers who can do marketing of the app to increase the downloads. We show the mobile app's features via different mediums like videos, articles, creative, infographics, and slide shows with mobile app pros. We emphasise keywords.

We include inspirational/motivational and quality content which makes the visitors share and recommend the app. We take reviews of an app very seriously so that we can work on the loopholes of the app and maintain the positive reviews & services given on the app by some reviewers and users.

Monitoring & Tracking

Mobile app advertising and marketing hold different forms. One can publish an ad campaign or various ad campaigns like video ads and carousel ads, which we will play in between a game or in-stream ads and many other formats to measure such ads' success. We monitor & track a few crucial metrics to create a report which shows our clients and us which ad is performing well and which doesn't. This gives us the scope of improvement to go on with those converting well.

Mobile App Marketing & Advertising

Let's Grow Your Mobile App and Success

We Plan Full-Proof Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Yes, we do promote your mobile app with our proven mobile app marketing strategies in Singapore. Such as refer and earn programs by giving attractive cashback offers, by posting referral links of the app in a blog or an article, in social media platform groups and pages, and by utilising free trial and discount options and strategies. Our process includes several productive tasks such as increasing the subscriber base, introducing some engagement quizzes with offers, and interactive videos, via Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and YouTube ads. After tracking the audience’s interest, we only show it to those seeking it. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more insights and strategies for mobile app advertisement and marketing.

  • Awesome User Experience
  • Better User Engagement
  • Boost App Ranking
  • Increase Audience Retention

Android Mobile App Marketing

How to improve it/maintain it, referral app installs or marketing links, App Store Optimization, and the client’s mobile application niche and where their audience connects and engages. We prioritise the app category, which directly provides a brief idea of the app’s target audience, such as audience demographics, the interest of the audience, and local or international audience.

We prepare videos on app navigation or animated explainer videos and check and observe the social media presence. Both marketing formats work on each for the best paid or unpaid results.

iPhone Mobile App Marketing

Keywords play an essential role in elevating mobile app installs. We can do a perfect marketing campaign for the app by knowing simple facts about the app. App Store Optimization is essential whether your app is for IOS or Android. We do marketing of an iOS app based on the niche of the app and target audience. We work on increasing the interaction with the audience via videos and reviews, which make us understand the pros and cons of the app.

We market the app on various social media channels. We also perform market research to give our clients the best proposals for revenue-driven marketing.

Mobile App Marketing - FAQs

It refers to the design of advertising campaigns to promote the mobile app. In mobile app marketing, we target all the possible mobile devices to reach the target audience and hit the marketing objective, such as app installation.

It helps with the branding of the company and credibility on the internet. Using the right marketing platforms and well-designed ad creatives helps catch the audience’s attention and deliver better ROI.

The marketing budget depends on your objective of the investment. From our experience and a better return from mobile app marketing, small to medium size businesses spend a minimum of $5K monthly. The budget can be gradually increased as per the ROI.

The Facebook and Google App install platforms are the best for quick results from mobile app marketing. Using both platforms, you can reach a broad audience. You can narrow your demographic and interest audience as per your marketing goals.

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