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The Importance of Backlinks for Website in Search Engine Optimization


When it comes to SEO, backlinks are the key. The aim is to link between the website and several other sites to strengthen your site. Thus, it will create an environment where relevant people in the industry vouch for your website, which will ultimately help in achieving SEO goals. Backlinks will work as a vote of confidence for your business. If someone is linking their site with yours, it means that they are saying that your site is a good resource and it is useful in some way. In this article, let us learn more about the importance of backlinks for your site.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is the process of linking one site to the other through the content or on the website directly. With backlinking, the user can find the related and supporting content with ease, making it easy to navigate between pages. For example, if a person is looking for choose the best hotel for their next vacation, the blog might have a link to the page with some hotels, or other related topics like the places to visit, food to try, activities to experience, etc. This will help people to navigate to different sites to get their needs fulfilled.

Several researches have proved that backlinks are highly crucial.

    • 1. A study says that the number of backlinks pointing to any specific page is one of the biggest factors for Google ranking.

    • 2. According to Ahref, over 43% of the top-ranking pages in the SERP have reciprocal links.

    • 3. According to HubSpot, the businesses that engage in blogging get 97% more backlinks compared to some other web pages.

    • 4. As per Aira, 51% of marketers believe backlinks will still be highly crucial ranking criteria on the Google algorithm 5 years later.

    • 5. As per Ascend, 13% of search experts strongly believe that link building is one of the most valuable SEO tactics that are currently available.

Working of Backlinks

Backlinks are created when one website is linked with the other website by mentioning one of the pages. Here the website transfers the value by linking to each other. These backlinks are like the trust signals or the citations for the web pages. A backlink can be placed at any place throughout the website. It can be at any place inside the content or the web. For instance, if the link is placed in a blog, it is the signal for Google that the external page is linked and it may have a contextual relevance. From the user’s point of view, it is relevant to the blog they are reading and they can get some additional information when they click on the link.

A quality backlink is that appears to be natural and contextual anchor text that blends into the content and does not appear to be fake or manipulative. So, the visitor will simply click on the anchor text (the text that is linked to the URL), if they like to follow the link. This way, the backlinks will work by establishing relevance and passing domain authority from the referring domain to the receiving site. when you have the referring domain that is highly valued by Google, the value will be passed to the site that are linked.

Working on Google Algorithm for Backlinks

Google identifies the backlinks through the following sources,

    • 1. Web pages

    • 2. Book Scanning

    • 3. User submitted content

    • Public databases and directories

There are 3 procedures that the search engine follows to find and read the backlinks.


As the first thing, google will discover what is existing on the web page. It will keep searching the new pages with the help of the web crawling bots. These bots are programmed with the tasks to find the new page and add them to the list of known pages. Some websites might have been crawled earlier and others are newly discovered when the crawling bots follow an outbound link from one page to the other. When the crawler is involved in the process, it will find everything on it like the text and nontext content, visual layout, URL hierarchy, etc. After this, it will move to the next process called indexing.


Google’s search index will collect all the webpages that the search engine has crawled. It is similar to the index in the back of a book. So, indexing is the process of figuring out the pages that the website is about after discovering. Google will analyze all the website content and catalog media like text, images, and videos to present in SERP whenever necessary.


A website should be indexed to rank in the SERP. A website is like a book in a library. The search engine should know how to properly assess and refer to the site and the content present in it. Also, consider the analogy of how the bookstores will put the common popular, trendy, or critically acclaimed books at the front of the shop to show first. The most relevant and high quality indexed pages will be served in the top order in the SERP pages.

The Bottom Line

Thus, you might have known about the importance of backlinks for the website now. Are you now looking for the most reliable high quality backlinks providers in Singapore? Visit us at and our SEO savvy team can help you achieve your off-page SEO goals. Get in touch with us now!

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