Every brand needs SEO in the first place. It has been the top cost-effective option to boost organic traffic and reach targeted audiences.

According to HubSpot, 60% of marketing professionals say that inbound (SEO, blogging and content marketing) is their highest quality source of leads. In addition to it, 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. (Source: BrightEdge)

Many businesses believe they require SEO for a better digital presence and growth. Compared to traditional marketing, SEO has a 14.6% conversion rate, and it goes high if SEO is done well.

Undoubtedly, SEO improves website traffic and visibility on SERP (search engine results page).

Before we share what makes us different from other SEO agencies, did you know that a new SEO agency can easily earn between $5K to $10K per month with a few customers? Indeed, the SEO company market is highly competitive today.

Jumping into such a competitive business and winning is a challenging job. Offering similar SEO services and differentiating ourselves is very hard. Still, sustaining is the next to only possible by determining and offering quality SEO services.

Here we will share how seocompany.me stand out among the other SEO providers.

1. Seocompany.me Offers FREE SEO Audit

Search engines have hundreds of factors to rank a website on SERP. An SEO audit is the first step in boosting organic traffic and increasing website conversions. A perfect audit and fixing the issues resolve 50% of SEO challenges. 

After we audited and fixed the issues, we saw drastic growth in our SEO project’s ranking. EQ World and Senwall are the perfect case study of our free SEO audit services and the results we delivered just after the SEO audit issues fixing.

We ensure in-depth SEO audits and include all the factors needed to increase the website ranking on SERP and grow the website online. Our Free SEO audit aid in identifying the hurdles of bringing the website to page #1. In addition, our SEO agency in Singapore provides a detailed report and recommendations to improve the website’s ranking on search engines.

Here are some of our free SEO audit areas that we apply to our projects:

Position Tracking

We go through the website’s past and current position of the primary keywords. Search engines such as Google have different parameters for Desktop and Mobile ranking. We do check both device’s ranking and performance. We prepare the strategy for the keywords hanging on pages 2 to 5 to ensure they achieve Google page #1 rank asap.

Image: Position Tracking Audit

Website Health (Notices & Crucial Warning)

Our SEOcompany.me agency does a thorough website health check & audit, including website indexing issues, server errors, Core Web Vital problems, loading speed, internal & external broken links and many other factors. These are the biggest hurdles of any website and hold the ranking to the last pages of search engines.

Image: Website Warning and Notices Error Audit

Website Backlinks Audit

After the On-page and Technical SEO are done, backlinks are the following strategy to rank the website on the top results of SERP.

Being a leading SEO agency in Singapore, do an in-depth analysis of the past and recent backlinks of the website and segregate the poor & toxic links. 

Poor quality backlinks seriously damage the website’s performance on search engines.

Google is constantly updating its link spam algorithm and penalising the website. According to the latest link spam update in December 2022, it is expected to impact websites that employ link spam and search rankings significantly.

Image: Backlinks Audit

Website Errors & Fixing

We are committed to better SEO results for our customer’s projects. Our audit includes finding the crucial errors and fixing them to ensure the website has no issues left and quickly achieves its SERP top-rank goal in 3-5 months.

Image: Website Detailed Audit & Report

After the SEO project starts, we do an in-depth audit of every issue, fix it, and share our recommendations with the customers.

2. Free Competitor Analysis & Audit

Our Seocompany.me services mission is to help our customers grow online with our SEO strategies and outrank their competitors.

Have you ever wondered why some of your competitors are doing well and constantly growing? Our free competitor analysis & audit report will give you a clear picture of why your competitors are doing great on SERP. 

Our report will analyse your competitors and have recommendations for your website to outrank them.

3. Guaranteed Results in 3 Months by seocompany.me

Search engines such as Google cannot guarantee to rank any website on top as algorithm parameters need to be followed to acquire the SERP page #1 ranking. Google has hundreds of parameters to rank the website in the top 10 and has regular algorithm updates.

We don’t want to sound like a salesperson who wants to win the project at any cost. Yes, we guarantee results, but we have some clauses, such as we need full website access, implement our recommendations on time which are prepared according to the search engine algorithms & our proven-results strategies and many others. After that, if we commit to the results and do not deliver them, we work for free. Contact us to learn more about our guaranteed SEO services.

4. 40% to 60% Keywords Page 1 Ranking Guaranteed

Yes, we mean it! We have proven results where we brought 90% above keywords on page 1 for our SEO projects. 40% is the minimum we promise, and with a minimum of 6 months of SEO commitments, we can bring up to 60%-90% keywords on the search engine’s page #1.

Estimation of the keyword’s search engine top ranking depends on many factors such as Domain Age, Past SEO activities of the website, Keyword competition, whether they are High or Low competitive keywords, target location and many others.

Request a free SEO analysis and let our experts estimate how many months we need to bring most of your targeted keywords to the top of search engines such as Google.

5. Seocompany.me Offers Legit & High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are always the critical factor of SEO. Being a dedicated SEO agency in Singapore, we ensure all our SEO projects have quality backlinks, and the website spam score is below 3%. The only thing is that Google regularly updates their spam links algorithm, like the recent update in December 2022.

Our SEOCompany.me agency has a vast database of high domain & page authority domains which makes us different from other SEO companies. 

To deliver better SEO results, we pick the relevant category high-quality site from our database, submit the content with appropriate anchor texts & backlinks, and ensure the content is indexed on Google, which directly benefits the website ranking and organic traffic.

Final Words

Till search engines exist, SEO will always be in demand as users’ search queries are growing drastically every year. 77% of Google users search with Google three or more times daily. Besides this, Google processes an average of 40,000 search queries every second. These are some factors why SEO is the top choice of every marketer. Get in touch with us for free SEO quote and audit.