Google is where millions over the world come to find answers to their questions, big or small. Let’s read in this blog about How to Get on Top Google Search Results by SEO.

Most of the time, people find what they’re looking for on the first page of results.

Websites on top of Google’s search engine pages attract 53% of the web traffic that is missed by sites ranked lower.

Now the question is how you can get your website to rank higher on Google Search Results by using SEO techniques.

Well, the key to get on top is to make sure how to get on top Google search results and you use the following tips illustrated below:

Keyword Research

In terms of a search engine, a keyword is a word that describes the entire contents of your page. It is essentially the search term that people use, and it is how webpages are ranked.

Keyword research is the method of finding such keywords that people use in search engines to optimize content.

Also, keyword research influences every SEO assignment that you make, including obtaining content topics, on-page SEO, content promotion, and email outreach.

If you are searching for how to get on top Google search results, keyword research is one of the important aspects.

Competitor’s Analysis

In a world where you have contention in every field, it is only logical to identify and evaluate your competitors.

Well this is another important aspect to consider when you are searching on how to get on top Google search results.

Conducting a proper competitive analysis will let you know what kind of a position your company is in: you can examine opportunities, analyze threats, adjust your positioning strategy, etc.

Also, you can refer to a competitive analysis framework that charts the features of your rival companies, target customers, product specifics, and positioning.

At SEOCOMPANY.ME we use the best industry tools and do the in-depth Competitor’s Analysis and build the precise optimization and link building strategy.

Google Analytics and Search Console Set Up

Do you wish to be able to see how your website is fairing in Google search? Do you want to know how to get on top Google search results using the Google tools?

Look no further! Google Search Console and Google Analytics let you monitor your site’s visibility in Google search results. Analyzing your SEO rankings will enable you to adjust and optimize your strategies to get a higher ranking in Google search results.

You can start by verifying your website in Google Search Console. It establishes a direct communication channel with Google. 

Killer Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Having an effective Meta title and description lets search engines capture those snippets and display it for the visitors to know what the page is about.

Implement the targeted keywords in your Meta description. Moreover, if you keep the Meta Title within 55 characters and the Meta Description within 155 characters, your web page will certainly do better.

One of the ways to get attention from visitors is to mix keywords with emotional triggers.

This is one of the recommended checkpoints in how to get on top Google search results checklist. Research states that emotions like anger, disgust, and affirmation are proven to increase click-through rates. 

Keywords Density and Content Check

If you are looking for tips on how to get on top Google search results, there is one another thing you must know. Well, there are no such guidelines as per SEO standards to focus on the keyword density.

However, as per our years of expertise, it is useful for you to keep the keyword density within 1 to 2 percent.

Also, this helps us understand the rate and frequency of the target keywords present with the relative number of words existing.

Using keyword stemming is a great way to add modifications to the target keyword.

Moreover, we make sure to follow the best practices so that your website can be ranked higher in the search engines.

Use LSI Keywords

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are words that search engines use to understand the content on a page properly.

Google can confirm if your content relates to the proposed keyword by checking LSI keywords on the web page.

For example, LSI keywords for the keyword ‘SEO Company Services’’ could have ‘Internet,’ ‘Digital,’ ‘Marketing,’ etc. in your content. You can find your own LSI keywords by using free online SEO tools like LSI Graph while you look for “how to get on top Google search results” guidelines.

SSL Set Up and Website Loading Optimization

We cannot stress how important it is to set up SSL already if you want to know how to get on top Google search results.

Since the release of Chrome 68, any non-HTTPS website is labeled as ‘not secure.’ It does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your website, but it might drive off some cautious visitors and customers.

Installing an SSL certificate is the best way to boost security, SEO, and, most importantly, webpage loading speed. Since SSL works with HTTP/2, which focuses mostly on faster data transfer, your customers can have a quick and secure experience. 

Bounce Rate Optimisation

Is your bounce rate getting higher, and you have no idea what to do?

First, you should know what an appropriate bounce rate is so you can evaluate adequately and understand how to get on top Google search results. 80%+ is considered very bad, and 30-50% is deemed to be optimal.

The reason for a higher bounce rate could be slow webpage loading, poor navigation, lack of clear call-to-action, etc.

First, you can check your website loading speed, and then you can start by improving the overall user experience, implementing call-to-action features, creating different landing pages, and increasing your web page speed.

We can help you in reducing your bounce rate by performing on proper website analysis. Our experts will help you in finding out the area of improvement.

Website Structure Fixing

Website structure is often overlooked even though it is one of the most vital aspects of a site’s SEO performance. Well, it will help you a great deal in understanding how to get on top Google search results. A good site structure automatically results in excellent user experience. People like to see what they expect presented logically.

When you create a good website structure, search engines can provide site links that can take to those pages inside your site. Optimizing for crawlers is probably the best way to achieve SEO success.  

Individual Webpages Optimization

Optimizing your webpages is crucial for successful Search Engine Optimisation. It will ensure that your website is working most efficiently and effectively.

Be sure to make the user experience as smooth and interactive as possible. If you are building a site for a target audience, adjust your page to serve those specific needs.

Moreover, you can focus on good designs for your website by adding features like inquiry form at the top and adding FAQ on product/service pages to paint a clearer picture.  

On-page Optimization 

On-page optimization, also known as on-page SEO relates to all agencies that can be taken directly inside the website to enhance its status in the search rankings. Effective on-page optimization demands a blend of numerous factors.

There are two essential things to have in place if you aim to advance your performance in a structured way. It’s the analysis and regular monitoring. There is little gain in perfecting the structure or content of a website if the process is not accomplishing any goals. 

In our agency On-page Optimisation is the very first step we take to bring any website on top of the SERP.

Competitors Link Building Analysis & Planning

When you conduct a competitor backlink analysis, you study websites in your field or share a similar audience.

You evaluate your competitor’s website performance, number of backlinks, etc.

while conducting this research. We use the best industry tools like SEMrush and AHREFS to analyse the right competitors.

Also, our research varies as per the nature of customer’s businesses, for example, if you are a new business then we will be picking below 45-50 Authority Score websites and analyse their On-page and Backlink profiles whereas if you are a well-established business then we formulate our strategy differently.

Distribute Backlinks Smartly

Backlinks (aka ‘inbound links’ or ‘one-way links’) are links that take you from one website to another. But you can take it a step further by diversifying unique anchor text and using different keywords.

Make sure that 45% of your anchors should include your website URL. Apply the use of synonyms and keep the keywords as diverse as possible. 14% of your anchors should be generic and mainstream to get a better ranking. 

If you are willing to boost your backlink or looking for link building services, simply contact us.

Do-follow and No-follow Links

Google has been using a weighted point method to rank how valuable a page is. High-quality external links are essential to bringing in the traffic. Do-follow is just the default state for a link.

However, a no-follow link is the same except with a small piece of code (an attribute). It basically tells the search engine not to follow the link.

Moreover, it is always better to have to keep a higher ratio of Do-follow links than No-follow links. But how do you know if it’s a do-follow or a no-follow link?

Well, it’s no difficult to run a quick check and you can do it by simply looking for that link in the HTML version/view of the page. If you are able to see rel=”nofollow” mentioned, that means it’s a no-follow link.

Consistent Blogging

This is a powerful way of driving web traffic. It helps in reaching out to an unlimited number of audiences and brings them to your website. The purpose of a blog is to show expertise and influence. The key is consistency.

Maintaining consistency in a blog is the principal mantra being passed down by the blogging experts worldwide. Moreover, make sure that the quality is time-tested so you can always produce good content to bring traffic. 

Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile internet usage has peaked over the last few years and has surpassed computer usage. It should be the priority of any website owner to make the page accessible via mobile devices.

The mobile visitors might not have pleasant experiences when they are visiting your site if you haven’t the site friendly.

In that case, you are neglecting a huge portion of your traffic, which will affect your rankings in the search engine. Moreover, you must ensure that your website is fast at loading.

You can run a check using the Google Mobile Speed test and instantly analyze your speed score and what needs to be done to load your website faster.

Be up to date with the Google Algorithms

Google’s algorithms are a complicated system utilized to reclaim data from the search index or directory and immediately deliver the best attainable question results.

The search engine uses an aggregate of algorithms and different ranking signals to deliver webpages.

Furthermore, these webpages are listed by relevance on its search engine results pages.

You can also follow the Panda and Penguin algorithm that will help you in getting the best ranks.

These algorithms will teach in you lowering the ranks of the sites that are low in quality and fetch high-quality websites.

This will help you in boosting your website ranks on the website.

Regular Checks on Google Alerts

You can keep an eye on the internet for fresh and exciting content. By creating a Google alert, you are keeping yourself at the top of the information channel.

You can create specific alerts to know the latest and obscure events happening in that particular field.

It might not show up in the first few pages of the search results, but you will get the information delivered directly as soon as it enters the internet. 

Rely on SEO Company

There are many benefits to hiring an SEO company, no matter you are a small business or an enterprise.

SEO professionals have experience and know the ropes. It is possible to damage your site with SEO if you don’t know what you are doing.

The success of your business should not rest upon a weak foundation of experiment or guesswork. However, it is possible to get scammed.

Look up the company’s previous works and check attestations made by other businesses that have employed their service. 

Analysis and Tracking on Monthly Reports

A monthly SEO report will contain actionable insights, key data points, growth tracking, and analysis. Without a report, you would not be able to track your SEO progress, backlinks, etc.

Moreover, the report can also tell you what to do next, one of the most significant advantages of having an analysis report. Find out how your SEO strategies are performing and see if you can adjust and optimize accordingly. 

In our report, we not only share the performance but also share the recommendations to increase the ROI and further outcome. Contact us today and get free SEO Analysis Report!